Enterprises, purchasing veterinary products and equipment at SIMBIO Group, are given an extensive service and support, which includes:

  • accompanying the goods with the package of normative and technical documentation;
  • supplying information on exclusive products and equipment;
  • provision of samples of the new medicines, free of charge, to conduct laboratory and field tests;
  • holding of seminars on urgent issues, both in Russia and in other countries;
  • consultations on the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of animal diseases by Russian and foreign specialists;
  • delivery in the shortest time, with safety and preservation of the quality of the product.

Our work is aimed to assist you in the production of safe products at your enterprises.

As for biosecurity, the idea of creating a new organizational unit in the SIMBIO Holding was the understanding that the cleanness and hygiene are essential factors of health and safety at agricultural enterprises, food processing, as well as food transportation.

Biosecurity is an effective and most economical way to protect farms from diseases. It is a system of measures aimed at prevention of contacts of pathogens with animals and poultry. Biosecurity program in livestock and poultry is a set of activities to protect the farms from carrying and the spread of pathogens and minimize losses.

Therefore, the main activities of the Holding are:

  • introduction of innovative approaches and advanced biosecurity technologies of the enterprises in the agricultural and food processing sector;
  • promotion on the territory of the Russian Federation high quality detergents and disinfectants
  • supply of specialized equipment for washing and disinfecting;
  • high-quality products support

Each company of SIMBIO Group has specialists covering all the territory of Russia and the CIS.

If necessary, our experts visit an enterprise and analyze the risk of biological hazards, as well as the degree of protection. With the purchase of detergents and disinfectants, we are assisting in the selection of the product and its continuous support.

Currently we are the representatives of the companies Kilco (United Kingdom) and Sogeval (France), which allows us to generate an optimal line of detergents and disinfectants. This range allows you to resolve almost any issue related to biosecurity of the enterprise.