Huvepharma (Bulgaria)

The company "HUVEPHARMA" has entered the market of products for farm animals in 2000, after having acquired the main interest of scientific and production enterprise "Biovet" (Bulgaria). Its extensive manufacturing facilities, "Biovet" were one of the largest manufacturers of health care means in Europe since its founding in 1954.

 After becoming a part of "HUVEPHARMA" major investments have been made for the modernization and development of the existing and the acquisition of new manufacturing and research facilities.

In early 2008, the Moscow office of JSC "HUVEPHARMA" was established

Main activities of the company derived from the abbreviation inherent in the name "HUVEPHARMA» - HUman VEterinarian PHARMAceuticals (medicines for humans and animals). Products are registered and sold in more than 60 countries.

Currently, the main focus is on the development, implementation and production of high-performance means that are used to treat and improve the productivity of animals. Work is under way to register and start on the domestic market for new drugs that are already highly popular in Europe, USA and Asia. Currently, Russia has granted state registration of a number of products for poultry, swine, cattle breeding.

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