Kilco (UK)

Kilco company was founded in 1953 by Gerald Mc Gledery. This is a family owned company based in Lockerbie, Scotland, and with manufacturing facilities in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Kilco invested millions of pounds in a modern production to meet the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Modern production in Lockerbie allowed to produce the whole range of
disinfectants, which received support from the European Directive for disinfectant products (BPD) and DEFRA.
Ongoing research and development of new drugs mean that the company can offer an unrivaled range of products to our customers and to stay one step ahead of competitors.
The company manufactures all products in the purpose-built modern plant consisting of a clean rooms of class L. This is the standard required for the production of pharmaceuticals.
Kilco company certified according to GMP and ISO9001. Kilco developed thousands of specialty products, which can be divided into four main groups: vitamins, food additives, milk hygiene, biological security. At the moment Kilco is one of the leaders of this area in the markets of the UK and Ireland.


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