Elanco (USA)

Elanco Animal Health is a global leader in the discovery and development of products that improve animal health, performance and well-being.

In doing so, their products play a direct role in maximising the efficiency and profitability of livestock production; ensuring consumers have access to an abundant, affordable and safe source of food and fibre.
Likewise, their expanding range of innovative companion animal products enables veterinarians to help pet’s live longer, healthier and higher-quality lives.

Since their start at Eli Lilly and Company in 1954, Elanco has been working to empower our customers—from veterinarians to food producers to all those concerned with animal health—to address these global challenges, and advance a vision of food and companionship enriching life. We strive to develop and deliver products safe for consumers, animals and the environment through innovation and a shared vision to enrich the life of people worldwide.


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