VNIIZzH (Russia)

VNIIZzH was established in 1958 and until 1992 was called the All-Union Research Institute of FMD (VNIYAI). Of course, over the years much of the Institute, starting with the name has changed: increased number of research laboratories, have opened new areas of research, carried out epizootological monitoring and subsequent forecasts and elimination of epidemics. 

Center scientists are involved in health care activities in almost all countries of the world, have close ties with leading veterinary centers in the UK, France, Poland, Finland, the U.S., Germany and the countries of the CIS.

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), has awarded the Institute with two international statuses, "the OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for FMD" (1995), "Center for the OIE cooperation in the diagnosis and control of animal diseases in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus" (1997). The center employs about 1,000 highly qualified specialists, including 20 doctors of sciences and 112 candidates of science. Large role in solving the tasks assigned to the team is given to young scientists, able to carry out research at the level of the latest scientific advances, possessing relevant information and techniques for the development of competitive technologies in the market of diagnostic and vaccine preparations.


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