CTCBIO (South Korea)

CTCBIO Inc. – is a South-Korean pharmaceutical company whose main activity is production of pharmaceutical and veterinarian products, food additives, food ingredients and functional nutrition products.

CTCBIO has various core technologies like microbial fermentation, drug coating technology and drug delivery technology (DDS – Drug Delivery System). The development of products that combine these technologies are carried out vigorously.

Besides working out own innovative technologies, the company has expanded its global corporate business through partnership with multinational companies such as BASF, Pfizer, NOVUS and others. CTCBIO Inc. spreads its presence in the world also by means of branches. It has American branch, Vietnam branch, China branch and joint venture in Australia.
The company was established in 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. During these years of constant development the company has grown into one of the biggest in the industry through the creation and development of the new concept of products, based on microbial fermentation and drug coating technologies. The name of the company is based on its corporate philosophy - Change, Try, Challenge → CTCBIO Inc.

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