The cow ran away from the farm and lived in the forest for 8 months with a herd of deer

When cow called Bonnie was 4 months old, her quiet life on a farm pasture changed dramatically.

The owner of a farm located in the state of New York died and all his animals were loaded into vans to take livestock to auction and sell there to other farmers for milk or meat.

For some reason, Bonnie rebelled and escaped from herd to the nearest forest during loading. It was last summer and since then people have occasionally met this cow in the forest, but no one has been able to catch it.

Bonnie kept away from people and became a living myth for all locals.

When autumn came, and then winter, it seemed that the cow could not stand in the forest and would freeze or die from starvation. But she was still seen regularly. Sometimes Bonnie came very close to the farms, sometimes she just walked along the forest edge and came across hunting video cameras.

There were different public opinions about what to do with this cow. Someone was glad that she lived a free life, and someone offered to catch her and put on cutlets. Two groups tried to look for her in the forest and did not find her, and then the cow appeared back on camera and it became clear what helped her survive in the winter — she was not alone, but with a herd of deer.

Everything looked as if the deer had taken her into their family and perhaps she had fallen into a deer herd as a calf, immediately after escaping.

However, many people more and more often said that a domesticated cow has no place in the forest among wild animals and it will be much more difficult for it then for deer in winter when all the food will be hidden under the snow. And then a local resident Becky began to come into the forest and leave for Bonnie food, water and fresh hay.

Every day, Becky on sleds brought food at a certain time and soon Bonnie began to recognize her and other deer also came to eat at this place. After that, a group of animal protectionists after several attempts still caught Bonnie and took her to a shelter for farm animals.

Now Bonnie has been living in this shelter for some time, and here she has a reliable warm shelter and a place for walking. She even managed to make friends with another rescued young cow.

Source: http://goodnewsanimal.ru/news/

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