Characteristics of meat consumption in the Russian Federation and market trends

Poultry meat accounts for more than 60% of the total meat consumption in the country and about 70% of export supplies. Domestic consumption is growing due to the general decline in incomes of the population, choosing cheaper products. The demand for Russian meat, including poultry, is increasing in the Asian region and West African countries.

The consumption of meat and by-products by Russians in 2017 amounted to 8.2 million tons, which is 5% higher than the 2016 level. Growth was mainly due to the poultry segment. In recent years, the demand for poultry meat has been steadily growing: due to a reduction in income and a decrease in consumer activity, consumers prefer more affordable meat instead of pork or beef. In 2017, poultry meat accounted for about 60% of total consumption. Last year, prices for poultry meat, in particular chicken meat, also decreased by 17.5% (from 117.3 rubles / kg in 2016 to 96.8 rubles / kg), which is mainly due to overproduction under conditions high market saturation.

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