SIMBIO LLC and Farmina Pet Foods sponsored Grand Prix exhibition which took place on 11th of June.

Dear friends,

we will be waiting for you at our stand from 23.06.2016 till 26.06.2016 (Crocus Expo IEC, hall № 13, place № Т-29).

Our company began to cooperate with the company "Eldorado". Now you can find dry and wet food for dogs and cats manufactured by Farmina

using Eldorado online resource, website section "Pet products"!

You are welcome! 03.06.16

Here you can find a review of our company from grateful clients. We are happy to try!

New contacts, inspiring impressions and good business. 

You are welcome! (Pet clinic address: build. 17, street 43 Army, Podolsk. Opening hours from 10.00 to 22.00).

Cat's age 31.05.16

Very interesting article about the growth and development of cats.

Soon it will be the day when you can take a dog for a walk! These homeless animals are waiting already for you! (4th of June).

SIMBIO LLC and Farmina Pet Foods will sponsor the "Friends meeting - 2016".

Training on new Farmina feed. 

Venue: Dmitrov, Semenyuk str., 3. 

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