Simple Solution to Increase the Efficacy of Feeding Farm Animals and Poultry

One of the actual tasks of modern livestock breeding is increasing the feeding efficacy. How can we achieve the best growth parameters without increasing the cost of feed? A simple answer is already found.

 Problems of growth of the young stock fed with high nutrient diets are frequently related to the presence of mannans, nonstarch polysaccharides (NPS) contained in the cells of most plants. Mannans content is not high but even small amount of them has a disastrous influence on the animal body and has a negative effect on the feeding value and the efficacy of its use. These are only some problems caused by the presence of NPS in the diet. Mannans form complex chemical compounds, digestion of which requires enzymes that are not produced in animals and birds; these indigested complexes can capture useful substances (e.g. glucose), which also remain unabsorbed by the body. Therefore, nutritional value of the feed is deceased. Moreover, due to the similarity of their molecular structure with some pathogens, mannans are recognized by the immune system as foreign bodies threatening the body. Protective reaction is initiated, and antibodies are produced. The immune response expends energy and nutrients. Complex mannans bind free water into gel and retain it in the GIT. The rate of chime movement decreases, the feed acidifies, and pathogenic microorganisms begin to grow. This leads to digestion delay, GIT disorders and finally to the increase in feed consumption, culling and mortality rate, and to low economic efficacy. Thus, it’s necessary to exclude anti-nutritive function of mannans in the feed in order to improve the efficacy of young animals and poultry’s diets. It can be achieved by addition to the diet of enzymes digesting mannans up to mannose, which has a favorable effect on health. Mannose is soluble in water, therefore, no gel is formed, and consequently, food digestion improves and becomes faster as well as additional energy and nutrients previously bound in the mannan complexes release. Moreover, mannose regulates the synthesis of blood immunoglobulins, i.e. promotes the amplification of immune reactions in the body. Immune response to vaccination improves, the number of respiratory and stomach disorders decreases, and as a result, the livestock number increases.

Also mannose normalizes the intestinal microflora, as it struggles against pathogens and dysbacteriosis, and promotes the development of healthy microflora. Additionally, mannose plays an important role in cellular metabolism. In the case of mannose deficiency in blood, the body tries to produce it using valuable glucose and energy. An adequate mannose blood level increases insulin release and activity and activates IGF (insulin-like growth factor) production. As a result, the intensity of animal growth increases, and nutrient consumption in the product manufacture decreases. The conclusion is definitive: it’s necessary to include β-mannanase, enzyme digesting mannans up to mannose, in the diet to increase the efficacy of feeding and health improvement of pigs and poultry livestock.

Until recently, β-mannanase was offered to feed stuffs users only within complex enzyme preparations. Fortunately, the situation has changed, and mono-enzyme preparations of mannanase appeared. Currently, the most efficient preparation, the source of pure mannanase, is CTCZYME manufactured by CTCBIO INC., Korea. The preparation was registered and licensed in the USA, Korea and the European Union. It is actively marketed worldwide: in North and Latin America (Canada, the USA, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru), in Asia (Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines), in India, Korea, and the Russian Federation. CTCZYME is an exclusive product in the market, which has no analogues in terms of efficacy and properties (high thermal stability, resistance in different pH-media and economic feasibility in use) worldwide. Active substance is purified 100% β-mannanase. CTCZYME is a feed supplement, which improves feed digestion, increases their availability and energy value. The preparation has no contraindications and side effects; it is compatible with all feed components, drugs and other feed supplements. According to series of studies conducted by the University of Arkansas, USA, Purdue University, USA and Kangwon National University, Korea, the use of CTCZYME provides some additional positive results:

- improvement of plant fiber digestion with release of additional latent energy and nutrients;

- improvement of metabolic processes in the body;

- improvement of body weight and mass uniformity parameters;

- decreased load on the immune system of the body, improvement of immune response;

- improvement of the GIT activity and development of useful microflora in it;

- decreased litter moisture and viscosity, improvement of litter condition;

- improvement of mortality and pulling rate;

- improvement of egg-laying capacity.

For full text of the studies please refer to: http://ctczyme.com/html/?code=E01

Manufacturer of CTCZYME, CTC BIO INC., is the leader of the Asian market of feed supplements for farm animals and humans. The company based in 1995 in Seoul (South Korea) and manufactured pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, fed stuffs, feed supplements, feed ingredients, and functional food products became one of the largest company in the industry. CTC BIO INC. cooperates with such large transnational corporations as BASF, Pfizer, Novus, and others.

The Company’s exclusive representative and distributor in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is SIMBIO Group.

SIMBIO Group has been working in the Russian market since September, 15 2003. The headquarters performing strategic, logistic and service functions is located in Moscow (SIMBIO LLC). Additionally, there are offices and warehouses in Yekaterinburg (Uralbiovet, JSC) and Novosibirsk (Sibagro Trade, LLC). SIMBIO Group sells veterinary drugs, disinfecting products, diagnostic kits and equipment, vaccines, feed supplements, enzymes, feed stuffs and associated products for agricultural producers as well as for owners of dogs and cats, for veterinary clinics, breeders and pet shops. SIMBIO Group’s staff comprises high class specialists and veterinary physicians who are ready to support their clients in issues concerning manufacture of agricultural products in the livestock, poultry and hog breeding, as well as in issues concerning feeding and care of dogs and cats.

SIMBIO Group cooperates with the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers, and, according to the analytical company RNC Pharma’s assessment (see article Veterinary Products Import in the Russian Federation Following I-II Q 2016 Results published in the Tsenovik magazine in October 2016), it is included in TOP-10 importers in terms import volume of veterinary preparations to the Russian Federation following the results of I-II quarters of 2016. Information on the Company is provided on www.simbio.ru.

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